Legislative Action

The core of our association's existence lies in educating and influencing our elected officials regarding the requirements of our membership and their families.  The key is to be fully engaged with them to ensure they are aware of and support initiatives and legislation that is important to the viability and health of the National Guard.

Legislative Priorities

Each year, the Association Board works with the membership and National Guard Leadership to establish our Legislative Priorities for the coming year.  Click below for the current priorities.

2014 Kansas State Legislative Priorities

2012 Kansas Federal Legislative Priorities (State projects/MILCON)

National Legislative Priorities (NGAUS)

Legislative Visits

At least once a year the association also plans a trip to Washington D.C. to visit with as many of our elected officials as possible.  Typically, we schedule this visit to coincide with the annual Legislative Workshop sponsored by the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) along with the National Guard Bureau (NGB).  Information regarding these visits will be posted on this web page as well as on our Facebook page.

NGAUS Legislative Action Center

The National Guard Association of the United States has created this Legislative Action Center for their members, the media, members of Congress, Congressional staffers and all others interested in learning more about the legislative priorities of NGAUS, and what they can do to help make them successful.

NGAUS Legislative Action Center

Use the "Write to Congress" feature on right !!!

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