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National Guard Association of Kansas

 The Strength of NGAUS for the last 130 years has been its united membership. As the voice of the National Guard on Capitol Hill, NGAUS provides a path by which National Guard officers can elevate their local concerns to a national and influential audience in Washington, D.C.. NGAUS members provide the backbone and guidance NGAUS needs as it ensures the National Guard receives the best and latest equipment; maintains readiness through comprehensive personnel initiatives receives proper missions as part of the Total Force; and fights for equitable retirement programs that give Guardsmen the support they’ve earned. Commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Army and Air National Guard are eligible for NGAUS membership.  

Historically, nearly all eligible Guard officers have paid their dues and belonged to NGAUS. The strength of NGAKS for the past 56 years has also been our strength in membership. Kansas has been a 100% state for the past 22 years! This means that we have had a strong voice not only at the National level but at our local level as well. NGAKS has a strong legislative committee that is committed to working issues for ALL Kansas Guardsmen. Membership to NGAUS/NGAKS tells our Guard family that you are willing to take a stand for the benefits of everyone!

Membership Dues  


You can now pay your membership online at the link below.  

Click Here to Renew or Establish My Membership Now!

Online payment is preferred, but if you would rather you may print the form provided on the bottom of this page and mail/FAX it to the address/phone indicated on the bottom of the form.  You may also contact Michele Henry at (785) 833-2174.  Please have your credit card information ready.  We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Cards.  You may also pay by check .   

 Current Annual dues by rank:

WO1 $6 $26 $32
CW2 $6 $35 $41
CW3 $7 $46 $53
CW4 $8 $59 $67
CW5 $12 $73 $85
O1 $6 $30 $36
O2 $6 $45 $51
O3 $7 $59 $66
O4 $12 $72 $84
O5 $15 $85 $100
O6 $15 $108 $123
O7 $22 $123 $145


In addition to paying an annual membership, you also have the options below:

  • Life Membership– Now $800 – a 25% reduction beginning in 2015
    (you may choose to make 4 installment payments of $200 ea within two years of signing up)
  • Retired Life — $150
    (a one-time payment for those that have retired from service)


  Membership Dues Form

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