Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for auditing the financial records and proceedings of NGAKS to assure fiscal activities are in keeping with by-laws, objectives, mission, board direction and budget.

Key Functions:

  • Annual Audit of Treasurer's records.
  • Annual Audit of Insurance Program fiscal records.
  • Make recommendations to Treasurer, Insurance Administrator and Board of Directors.
  • Submit Audit report to Annual General Conference.

Members of Audit Committee

Wallace Miller
Joseph Kinsey
Ross England-Chair

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee oversees and executes individual and unit awards sponsored by NGAKS and NGAUS.

Key Functions:

  • Periodic Review of Awards Regulations and Guidance.
  • Annual Review of NGAUS Awards guidance.
  • Make recommendations to Board of Directors.
  • Maintain stock of Individual and Unit Awards as appropriate.
  • Conduct Appearance Interviews of Candidates for Individual Awards Selections.
  • Assist units in Submitting applications for NGAUS Unit Awards.
  • Coordinate with TAG-KS on certain awards.
  • Coordinate with NGAUS on Award Recipients (Individual and Unit)
  • Submit Report at NGAKS Annual Conference.

* Awards SOP can be found Here *

Members of Awards Committee

Carl Bush
Wallace Miller
Marci Solander
Tanya Wehrli
Howard Wheeler
Shelly Bausch-Chair
Murl Riedel    
Jason Inskeep


Continuity Committee

The Continuity Committee assures that past Guardsmen are kept abreast of events and issues and solicits their support in accomplishment of NGAKS goals and objectives.

Key Functions

  • Initiatives to keep Retired Community Involved with the Guard.
  • Keep Retirees advised of changes affecting them.
  • Assist the Adjutant General in conduct of State of the Guard Briefings.
  • Make recommendations to Board of Directors.
  • Make arrangements and program for Retiree's Luncheon at Annual Conference.
  • Submit Report at NGAKS Annual Conference.

Members of Continuity Committee

Ray Rhodd
Shelly Sweeney-Chair
Jay Gradinger
Carl Bush


Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee insures that the Annual Conference is made up of a quorum of current annual and life members such that official business can be conducted.

Key Functions:

  • Inspect Registration List for Annual NGAKS Conference to assure a quorum of current annual and/or life members are present to conduct official business of the Association.
  • Submit Report at NGAKS Annual Conference prior to official business session begins.

Members of Credentials Committee

Dana Duggins
Vonda Wigal
Scott Henry-Chair


Industry / Corporate Partnerships Committee

The Industry and Coporate Partnerships Committee's goal is to create and grow funding sources so that the National Guard Association of Kansas can effectively fulfill it's mission and serve it's membership.  Such activity includes leading recruitment and retention of sponsors and other sources of income for the Association, including business sponsors, major gifts, services, individual donations, etc.  The Committee works closely with the Board of Directors and the Executive Director to develop and implement a fundraising plan in line with the Association's overall Strategic Plan.

Key Functions:

  • Research – Identify sources of funding that are compatible with the Association's Vision and Mission.  Investigate the most effective methods for securing those funding relationships, and determine who are the most optimum individuals to open the door and ask.
  • Reach Out – Approach individuals…contact corporations…get the Association adopted as another organization or company's outreach…and more.
  • Recognition – Acknowledge donors and sponsors…keep records and correspondence..engage and utilize Board members…plan special recognition opportunities and events…launch and manage campaigns.

Members of Industry / Corporate Partnerships Committee

Terresa Riedel – Chair
Dallas Nivens
Kendrea Shingleton


Insurance Committee

The Insurance Committee provides oversight to the NGAKS Insurance Program for Kansas Guardsmen. It conducts periodic record reviews, establishes and monitors goals and objectives and interfaces with the commercial insurance carrier, American Equity Life Insurance Company. This committee was renewed as a standing committee during the 47th Annual NGAKS Conference.

Key Functions:

  • Covers both the Guardsman and the family
  • Payroll Deductible
  • Pays within 24 hours of notification of a claim
  • Belongs to the Soldiers and Airmen of the Kansas Army and Air National Guard
  • $10,000 coverage free for first year for new Guardsmen
  • Coverage can be retained after leaving the Guard, regardless of time served to age 65

Members of Insurance Committee

Georgia Schafer
Chuck Leivan
Janell Blaufuss
Richard Moon
Kimberly Young-Chair


Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee drafts and executes an annual legislative plan to accomplish goals and legislative and congressional objectives estblished by the Board of Directors.

See our current legislative priorities

Key Functions:

  • Establish an annual Legislative Action Program for NGAKS subject to Board approval.
  • Use NGAUS Legislative Action Plan for the development of NGAKS plan.
  • Coordinate with TAG-KS to provide support on his objectives.
  • Monitor Congressional and Legislative actions at State and National level.
  • Coordinate Legislative Visits, Receptions, Office Visits and other interface actions.
  • Provide educational material, briefings and other material to legislative staff members.
  • Coordinate testimony by knowledgeable members for legislative initiatives.
  • Coordinate with Resolutions Committee in accomplishing NGAKS goals and objectives.
  • Coordinate Legislative Efforts with EANGKS.
  • Submit Report at NGAKS Annual Conference.

Members of Legislative Committee

Ray Rhodd
Keith Marshall
Derek Rogers
Nicky Inskeep – Co-Chair  State Affairs
Collin Welch
Craig Beardsley – Co-Chair Federal Affairs
Daniel Radford
Stephen Mizak
Gregg Thomas
Joe Blubaugh
Sheli Sweeney
Matt Hapke
Benjamin Moore
Tim Marlar
Larry Leupold
Jack McGrann
Tony DeJesus
Jay Gradinger

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is made up of representatives from each Kansas Army and Air National Guard unit with the intent of educating and soliciting renewals of annual memberships in NGAKS and NGAUS to provide the most powerful voice possible in accomplishment of goals and objectives.

Key Functions:

  • Members serve individual units as Points of Contact for annual Membership Drive.
  • Coordinate with Executive Director of NGAKS on unit membership initiatives and status.
  • Coordinate with Executive Director of NGAKS on maintenance of unit rosters.
  • Coordinate with NGAUS Membership Director on State Membership.
  • Assure that 100% membership in NGAUS and NGAKS is obtained each year.
  • Submit Report at NGAKS Annual Conference.

Members of Membership Committee

Marci Solander
Callie Wheeler
Jason Nelson
Teresa Bingham
Rob Sands
Rod Seaba
Christopher Sanders
Dallas McMullen
Kendrea Shingleton
Terresa Riedel
Nicky Inskeep
Chris Coco
Penny Jamvold
Terresa Riedel
Tom Burke
Wallace Miller – Chair
Zach Rolf


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee monitors cyclic and unprojected vacancies on the Board of Directors, solicits nominees and drafts a slate of officers to be presented at the Annual Conference.

NEW: Nominations Committee SOP (Draft and Revised version 4.2)

Key Functions:

  • Keep abreast of the terms of office of the members on the Board of Directors.
  • Coordinate with Executive Director of NGAKS on cyclic anticipated vacancies on the Board.
  • Publish and Distribute vacancy list for Board of Directors for solicitation of Nominees.
  • Establish a slate of officers to be considered by membership.
  • Submit Slate to membership body at NGAKS Annual Conference for adoption.

Members of Nominations Committee

Tony Divish – Chair
Craig Beardsley
Dana Duggins
Teresa Bingham
Cody Jacobs
Jon Shafer
Kendrea Shingleton  
Barry Manley


Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee receives, reviews and makes recommendations to the Annual General Conference on all resolutions from NGAUS, Defense Contractors and the NGAKS membership. They compile the adopted resolutions for submission to NGAUS to be considered by the NGAUS Annual General Conference. A member of the committee representing both Army and Air interests attends the NGAUS Resolutions Committee meetings to represent Kansas.

Key Functions:

  • Reviews Resolutions submitted by NGAUS for consideration and makes recommendation to NGAKS General Assembly.
  • Reviews Resolutions submitted by Defense Contractors for consideration and makes recommendation to NGAKS General Assembly.
  • Reviews Resolutions submitted by NGAKS Members for consideration and conduct vote at NGAKS General Assembly.
  • Compiles all supported resolutions for submission to NGAUS to be refined for consideration at NGAUS Annual General Conference.
  • Selects an Army and Air Guard member to represent Kansas at NGAUS Annual General Conference.

Members of Resolutions Committee

Ray Rhodd
Jay Gradinger
Craig Beardsley-Chair
Dana Duggins
Jerry Monasmith
Ken Brennan
Christopher Sanders
Tom Barnett
John Rueger
Darin Nitschke
Barry Gomes
Shelly Sweeney
Ron Sheldon
Tony DeJesus
Kerry Taylor


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