Board of Directors

Members of the NGAKS Board of Directors

Last First Rank Position Term
Weishaar Ken LTC President-Army 2013-2015
Leupold Larry MAJ 1st Vice President-Army 2013-2015
Garcia Benjamin Lt. Col. 2nd Vice Pres-Air 2014-2016
Rogers Derek Col Past President-Air 2013-2015
Christie Erica LTC Secretary-Army 2014-2016
Moore Benjamin 1LT Treasurer-Army 2014-2016
Sweeney Sheli Maj (Ret) Retired Member-Air 2013-2015
England Ross CW3 Warrant Off Rep-Army 2014-2016
Hume Naomi 1Lt Co Grade-Air 2013-2015
Inskeep Nicole CPT Co Grade-Army 2014-2016
Inskeep Jason MAJ Member-Army 2013-2015
Riedel Terresa MAJ Member-Army 2014-2016
Twombly Matt LTC Member-Army 2014-2016
Balentine Deb Maj Member-Air 2014-2016
Duggins Dana LTC Member-Army 2014-2016
Henry Michele CIV Executive Director Indef
  • Key Functions:
  • Conduct Quarterly Meetings
  • Conduct NGAKS Annual Conference
  • Oversee and Provide guidance to Committees
  • Act as Corporate Officers for NGAKS
  • Represent Members in the Association
  • Serve for a two year period
  • Meeting information is at the bottom of this page

2014 Meeting Information


Meetings will be held at the Museum of the Kansas National Guard.  Social time will begin at 1700 with the formal meeting starting at 1730

Meetings dates are as follows:

Jan 2nd

March 6th

May 6th

July 1st

September 4th

November 6th

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