NGAKS Board Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting Information

Click on the dates below to see the approved minutes from each meeting


2015 Board Meeting Schedule:

January 8th

March 12th (Rescheduled meeting, originally to have been held on March 5th)

April 19th (no formal agenda)

19 May

28 July

1 September (NGAUS Coference planning session)

17 November

2016 Board Meeting Schedule:

26 January

29 March

5 April (State Conference planning session)

24 April (no formal agenda)

Remaining 2016 board meeting dates to be published after the 24 April session.


2014 Board Meeting dates:

January 2nd

March 6th

May 6th

July 1st

September 4th 

November 6th

Special Committee Reports

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