National Guard Leadership addresses U.S. Senate Defense Subcommittee on the FY 16 National Guard and Reserve Budget

Our National Guard leadership testified on 29 April 2015 at the Defense Subcommittee Hearing on FY2016 National Guard & Reserve Budget.  Senator Moran addressed General Clarke on expanding Cyber capability in Kansas and pushed to get a date on moving forward.  General Clarke indicated an agreement will be worked by May to solidify moving forward with expanding Cyber in the Kansas Air National Guard.  General Grass indicated this summer there will be an announcement of eleven more Cyber sites (7 Army and 4 Air).  He addressed General Jackson on moving forward with re-designating the 931st Refueling Group to a Wing.  Senator Moran highlighted the Fusion Center with General Grass as well.  General Grass made a point to maintain the National Guard at 350,000 and hold on further divesture of the Apache fleet pending the commissions recommendations.

The proceedings can be heard by clicking here:

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